“Honey and Apples” by A.P. Howell

“Real Connection” by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

“Horizon Event” by Rich Larson


“The Wanted” by Tianna Grosch

“Peripheral #13” by Hal Y. Zhang

“A Doorway Left Ajar” by Maria Haskins

“Catching Snowflakes” by Gregory L. Norris

“Unnecessary Roughness” by John H. Dromey

“Strung Out in Alientown” by Desmond Warzel

“Of Fields, Half-Sown” by Kurt Hunt

“The Weave” by M. Yzmore

“Double Trouble” by R. Daniel Lester

“Palliative Care” by Clive Tern

“Peace Tour” by Hawk and Young

“Final Freedom” by Karen D. Yun-Lutz

“Spaceport News Headlines” by Gerri Leen

“In the Darkness” by John M. Hoggard

“Spare Parts” by Jess Landry

“Requires Replenishment” by Marc A. Criley

“Life is a String of Cherries” by Brian K. Lowe

“New Frontier” by Deborah Walker

“The World Killer” by James DeTar

“To Be Human” by Stace Johnson

“The Hitler Paradox” by Liam Hogan

“Orbital Views” by Gretchen Tessmer

“The Mirror in the Bathroom” by George Nikolopoulos

“Mars Base” by Christina Sng