Of Course We See It by Eric Cline

As we left Earth, the Third Race War was threatening to go nuclear.  With the time dilation effect, we feared we’d come back to a cool, burnt cinder.

When we returned, the lights were still on, so to speak.

We were greeted by a decontamination crew.  Their suits obscured that all-important skin tone, nostril shape, hair.

We all were thinking it.  I asked it:

“Who won the final Race War?”

The masked crew looked at each other, baffled by our alien concerns.

After we were certified uncontaminated, their supervisor said: “Okay, we’ll take off our masks immediately … since you care.”

My fiction has appeared in Analog SF, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Writers of the Future (vol. 29), Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, and other places.

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