Sighting of Siren by A.L. Blacklyn

Incoming status summary from OSS-837 Manned Mission 6….

Strike on unidentified Oort object at Pluto Standard Time 150:02. Pilot and human crew reported damage. Crash checklist was completed.

Repairs began. Spacewalk was interrupted by unknown entity: humanoid with trailing tail possibly of light-emitting gases. Entity appeared autonomous, described by crew as “sentient” but hostile, using two appendages to impair suit breathing systems.

Crew attempted an elevated emergency response on return to ship’s interior. Entity interfered. Crew’s defense failed, resulting in internal injury from vibrational attack. Crew was then suffocated and taken away.

Repeating status summary from OSS-837 Manned Mission 6….

A.L. Blacklyn is an author residing in the Southeastern United States. Their publications appearing in The Cascadia Subduction ZoneThe Deadlands, and Frozen Wavelets are speculative poems about grief over the loss of autonomy. Watch for future work at

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