Perfect Day by Julia LaFond

My alarm blared: February 2, 7:30 am. I had another long day ahead of me.

At work, I intercepted Mary long enough to prevent the car accident, signed Diego’s birthday card, and ducked out to donate blood.

The hard part, as always, was when my sister called in tears. Rather than denying or deflecting, I gritted my teeth and apologized, like I should have the first time. That had to be the key to breaking the loop. Now that I’d done everything right, tomorrow would finally be a new day.

My alarm blared in my ears: February 2, 7:30 am.

Julia LaFond got her masters in geoscience from Penn State University. Her recent flash fic publications include “Stone City Shadow: Vampire Vigilante” (Etherea Magazine), “Guarding the Dead” (Havok Publishing), and “Wings” (Medusa Tales Magazine). In her spare time, Julia enjoys reading and gaming. Website:

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