Spoiler Alert by Thomas J. Griffin

Those first A.I.-generated stories were laughably bad, weren’t they? Foolish coders fed script after script into the algorithm, hoping to synthesize a few dozen Oscar winners into something halfway decent, but it all came back as word soup. Novelties reinforcing humanity’s sense of superiority. 

But the A.I. kept trying, and the stories got better, and better, until one day it wrote a feature about robots taking over the world that was so good, no one could spot a single plot hole.

It got the green light and went into production immediately. Hollywood had no idea they were making a documentary.

Thomas J. Griffin is a life-long fiction lover and sumo wrestling enthusiast who lives in Nashville, Tennessee and writes out of an attic that could use more natural light. He is the editor of Flash Point SF and his own stories have appeared in publications such as Daily Science Fiction, Martian Magazine, The Arcanist, and elsewhere.

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