Relic by CB Droege

I knew my grandfather fought in the war, but not the details. “Best if you don’t know,” he’d say. 

When I was grown, and he was dead, I accepted this meant he’d fought for the fascists. That when he fled Earth with the baby who would someday be my absent father, he was escaping justice. I dreaded that when I brought myself to open the great trunk in the garret, I’d have answers. 

Inside were the legendary cap and jacket of Silksteel Mouse, the hero resistance pilot downed in the last days of the war.

They did not fit me.

CB Droege is an author and voice actor from the Queen City living in the Millionendorf. His latest book is Quantum Age Adventures. Short fiction publications include work in Nature Futures, Science Fiction Daily, and dozens of other magazines and anthologies.
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