Go Gentle by Jenna Glover

Why? Why when we’re all about to die? 

You think the fear of death will save these last moments? Don’t be naïve. Humanity’s conscience doesn’t fear death today; it fears consequences tomorrow. 

But take that away? Present humankind with certain, imminent death? What do you think we will do? To ourselves? To each other?

So, yes, I will lie. I will tell them that rock hurtling toward us is destroyed, the apocalypse cancelled. I’ll tell them to go to work, act normal, behave, because tomorrow is coming.

I will lie, and the human race will die peacefully. That is why.

Jenna Glover is a science fiction/fantasy author of short fiction. Her work has appeared in Luna Station Quarterly, Flash Point SF, and Daily Science Fiction, among others. You can read her work and learn more about her at www.jennaglover.com or follow her on Twitter and Instagram @JennaCGlover.

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