The Decision by Lettie Prell

I’m behind the Resolute Desk. The Oval Office is filled with brilliant scientists, some hopeful, others apprehensive. Gregory says their names in my ear via my owl earring. 

“Are we any closer to understanding AI’s solution?”

“No, Mx President.”

“It could be nonsense, or it’s beyond our human understanding.”

“Yes, Mx President.”

“If we go ahead, it may fundamentally change us.”


“If we don’t—”

“If I may advise—” Gregory interrupts.

I yank my earring loose and dash it onto the desk. I will decide without my AI.

The human lungs around me fill with oxygen and anticipation.

My short stories have appeared in WIRED,, Clarkesworld, Analog, Apex and your magazine, and reprinted in a number of anthologies, including The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy and The New Voices of Science Fiction. My novella, Uploading Angela, is currently a finalist for an AnLab Readers’ Award.

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