The Discovery of Thumb Analogues Among Dolphin-Like Creatures on a Moon of Aldebaran b by Jason Burnham

Grey-bodied animals leapt and played in the water five meters below Tamara’s cliffside position. They reminded her of Earth dolphins.

“You’re sure we have to tag one?”

Aaron squinted. “It’s the basis of our funding. The dart is miniscule; they won’t even feel it.”

Tamara sighed as Aaron aligned the targeting reticule. When he fired, there was a whizz of air, a splash, and a thunk as it found its target.

Aaron smiled. “See? No big deal.”

There was another splash as a grey-bodied creature left the water and grabbed onto the cliffside five meters below. It began to climb.

Jason P. Burnham loves to spend time with his wife, kids, and dog. He still thinks about Treehouse of Horror XI.

Twitter: @AndGalen

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