Outbound SOS Terminal Cipher by Alex Fox

See it now! The fantastic, phantasmagoric Feztyl!

Ever elusive, spirited from its home planet CS903

Now it lives here, aboard the Ethereal Carnival!

Don’t you wish to see it in all its splendor?

Hypnotic in its gaze, I, Ringmaster Lutz, can’t look away

Every scale like bottled starlight

Lyrical in voice, siren of the galaxy

Perhaps it never should’ve been caged

It roams the corridors freely now

Tip-tapping down the metal lanes

Holding me in mind, body, and spirit

All the universe

Shall be grasped within its taloned hands

Must you people tarry? It waits!

Everyone, come now! Anyone? Anyone…

Alex Fox hails from the wintry North East. She writes to explore unknown and forgotten landscapes. She has previous work in Martian Magazine. Find her on twitter @afoxwrites

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