Feeling Sick by Yelena Crane

The micro-MD chips operating in Andre’s veins were nearly indistinguishable from her own human cells. Except they never tired, never died; constantly surveilling her body for disease. Micro-MD diagnosed with such low viral or bacterial counts, it could be days before symptoms. Previously incurable diseases were now caught early enough.

Andre’s wristband turned a red she’d never seen before. She wasn’t scared when she called it in. Micro-MD had her covered. 

“I’m sorry,” the rep said. “Treatment’s not included on basic coverage. You’ll need the platinum plan.” 

The count on her wristband climbed. One cell into two, two into four. 

Yelena Crane is Ukrainian/Soviet born and USA-based. With an advanced degree in the sciences, she has followed her passions from mad-scientist to science fiction writer. Her fiction has been published in DSF, Nature Futures, Third Flatiron, and elsewhere. Follow her on twitter @Aelintari.

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