Mandatory Donation by Marc A. Criley

My phone goes off. “MANDATORY DONATION: Your Wholesome Patriot™ biotic profile is compatible with a minor-aged individual suffering terminal renal shutdown. Per 42 USC §337(2032), present yourself at Wellbeing Center #274 by 7:00 am, July 17 for mandatory kidney donation. Noncompliance is a punishable offense.”


Recovering at home after the donation, a well-tailored Wholesome Patriot officer arrives with an ankle monitor.

“Problem, officer?”

“Put this on. The recipient of your kidney has died. Renal dysfunction. You are at-home confined while Wholesome Patriot investigates. If an unwholesome lifestyle contributed to the kidney’s deterioration, you will be charged with manslaughter.”

Marc A. Criley lives in north Alabama, started writing later in life, and has been trying to make up for lost time. He’s been published in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Galaxy’s Edge, here in Martian Magazine, and elsewhere. Marc maintains a blog at and noisily tweets as @That_MarcC.

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