Follow the Pretrons by Candice R. Lisle

The President of the West was hoping for an easy victory. The Mapascope was a new invention which showed the future.

“This machine displays pretrons. An energy form which shows the path matter takes as it moves through time,” the inventor said.

The President’s face paled as the West was demolished by troops from the East. “I’ll call a truce. You have saved us.”

“I live to serve,” the researcher spat.

After the leader left, the scientist reversed the cables, and put them back into their original positions. He watched as troops came from the West and demolished the East.

Candice is a F&SF writer currently living by The Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her stories can be found in Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine, Sci Fi Lampoon, and the LTUE anthology, Parliament of Wizards.

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