High as a Kite by C. L. Sidell

Dorothy-1. The hottest cocktail on the market. Some no-name whitecoat in some no-name laboratory discovers it while playing chemist, dyes it psychedelic colors, peddles it like candy.

Who cares about calculations, trial runs? Bored adolescents will do anything for an adrenaline rush.

Whip out the vial. 

Inject the solution. 

Start flying like Peter Pan.

Naturally, there are complications. Rough landings necessitate parachutes, inflatable shoes. Discrepancies in metabolic absorption rates result in users reaching unexpected heights. On windy days, tethers are required to prevent in-air collisions.

And, some floaters never come down.

No matter – thrill seekers decide it’s worth the risk.

C.L. Sidell grew up playing with toads in the rain and indulging in speculative fiction. Her work has appeared/is forthcoming in 34 Orchard, Apparition Lit, diet milk, Strange Horizons, and others. You can find her on Twitter @sidellwrites

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