Friend Ship by Liam Hogan

The aliens want to be our friends.

But how can we trust them? We dig trenches around their landing site, to “improve the drainage”. Move in the tanks, for “crowd control”. We follow their every move through sniper scopes, train our nukes, the ultimate last resort edging closer with each brittle-tempered emergency meeting.

The aliens give us their secrets. Technological marvels of medicine, of computers, of space. Secrets we immediately weaponise, and still we fear what they are not sharing. They offer us everything; we demand more.

The aliens want to be our friends.

But how can they trust us?

Liam Hogan is an award-winning short story writer, with stories in Best of British Science Fiction and in Best of British Fantasy (NewCon Press). He’s been published by Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and Flame Tree Press, among others. He helps host Liars’ League London, volunteers at the creative writing charity Ministry of Stories, and lives and avoids work in London. More details at

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