Waiting by M.A. Dosser

The only day more momentous than when the spaceship arrived was the day it was destroyed.

It showed no signs of activity. All our messages were ignored. Maybe they needed help. Maybe they would attack. Everyone had a different opinion. 

Eventually, an international team was sent to investigate.

They found the ship empty. No aliens. No damage either. 

They did find a form of writing. Unfortunately, they must have triggered something while scanning. The ship exploded.

Now the world is terrified. Will there be retribution? Why was the ship even here? No one knows. 

All we can do is wait. 

M.A. Dosser is a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. When he isn’t researching speculative fiction fandoms or music communication, he’s writing about heroic blueberries, raven knights, and long voyages in outer space. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Flash Point SF.

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