The Enemy, My Brother by Alex Fox

My visor-display blinks red: ENEMY. 

Jolts of electricity needle my scalp, the system urging me with adrenaline. But I recognize the face beyond the visor. 

“Danny?” I whisper. They told me my brother was dead, not a rebel soldier on Ziphus-30.

“Rick?” He reaches for me. My Mechsuit automatically parries his gesture; he stumbles back, eyes wide.

“It’s me, your brother!” He looks so frail and naked in his cloth, enemy fatigues. 

“I know!” I fight as the Mechsuit raises my arm, pistons whirring. I strain, but a man is no match for a machine.

My visor-display flashes red: ELIMINATE.

Alex Fox hails from the wintry North East. She works in tech and writes to explore unknown and forgotten landscapes. This is her first published work. Find her on Twitter (@afoxwrites).

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