Long Awaited Visitors by Nemma Wollenfang

The moment was epic. Monumental! 

Aliens had landed on Earth. 

All was set in place, everything arranged to welcome our intergalactic neighbours. Our best and brightest gathered before their silver, disc-shaped ship, including the most talented linguists on the planet to make translations easier. 

Steam issued as a landing platform dropped down. 

They looked just like us, but with greyish skin and big black eyes. One made garbled sounds as it descended, gesturing with three-fingered hands. 

“What are they saying?” Earth’s president asked. 

“Well, they don’t seem to want to stay,” one translator responded. “They say they just need directions.” 

Nemma Wollenfang’s work has appeared in several venues, including: Beyond the Stars, Abyss & Apex, Cossmass Infinities, and Flame Tree’s Gothic Fantasy series. She is a recipient of the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Working Class Writers Grant and can be found on Facebook and Amazon.

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