They Eat by Collin Yeoh

“They what?

“They kill and devour other living creatures. For sustenance.”

“They eat microbians?”






“Tha… that’s…”


Yes! Why don’t they just synthesize energy from their sun, like every other sentient species??

“They can’t. They never evolved that ability.”

“…that’s… just…”

“Crazyballs, I know. If they ever develop interstellar travel, they’ll ravage the galaxy. Hence this field of silence we put up around their system. Let ‘em think they’re all alone in the universe. With any luck, they’ll deplete their resources in a century or two and go extinct.”

“Good riddance. Good fucking riddance.”


Collin Yeoh has been writing advertising copy for 15 years, and now finds writing fiction a lot more fun. He especially enjoys drabbles, and has had several published in collections by Ghost Orchid Press, Black Ink Fiction, and Black Hare Press. He lives in Bangkok and misses Malaysian food.

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