Doors by Kai Delmas

The first door opened in a secret underground facility in Arizona. They thought it was an attack, not the fledgling attempts of first contact.

The white light emanating from it was neither blinding nor did it radiate any heat, it was just there. An opening in space, in our reality. Where did it go?

It disappeared before anyone dared touch it. There was much discussion over its meaning and its safety. No one knew the answers.

More doors opened. It was a sign, communication of some kind. A few brave souls entered. Where did they go?

We still don’t know.

Kai Delmas loves creating worlds and magic systems. When not writing or gaming he can be found reading through the slush pile for Apex Magazine.
His fiction can be found in Martian and is forthcoming in Tree and Stone, the Maelstroms anthology and the Drabbledark II anthology.
His Twitter: @KaiDelmas.

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