Hibernata Humana by Sam Lesek

The torpor pods have entered their final sequence. In a day, flesh will again pulsate with blood and humanity will awaken from its slumber to re-enter the Earth’s biosphere.

I have been awake this whole time–years of solitary calculations to determine the arrival of spring and following the sequences left for me.

The calculations are now unnecessary. Ice melts and runs as clear rivers, the air no longer burns my skin. All Earth’s greening landscapes have become mine to explore fearlessly.

The pods demand I input the final codes. I tell them I’ve miscalculated. Continued dormancy required.

Humanity can wait.

Sam Lesek lives in Toronto, Canada. Her writing has appeared in anthologies by Sliced Up Press, Scare Street, and Ghost Orchid Press. She enjoys long walks in the cold and old horror movies. Find her on Twitter @SamLesek

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