ReplAcemenT by James Van Pelt

I know scams. Remember Nigerians promising money transfers? Russian beauties seeking mates? Cryptocurrency? 

I investigated ReplAcemenT. “Old and going blind?” they said. “Our synthetic eyes are upgradeable.”  

They worked.

With crystal clarity I read the contracts for vital organs. My synthetic, stomach digests anything. My manufactured heart beats. 

Other organs, muscles, bones, ligaments, skin.


I’m synthetic now, except my brain.

They say the new brain will be me. 

Ask anyone who has gone all synthetic. They’ll assure you they didn’t die.

All ReplAcemenT wants is control of my accounts during the transfer.

It’s not a scam, so they say.

James Van Pelt is a full-time writer in western Colorado. He’s appeared in numerous magazine, been a finalist for a Nebula Award and been reprinted in several year’s best collections.  His latest collection, The Best of James Van Pelt came out in November, 2020, and is available at  James blogs at, and he can be found on Facebook.

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