Rise and Shine by Ria Rees

Jenna turns to me and smiles. “Good morning, handsome.”

“Good morning yourself.” I grin, stroking her perfect alabaster skin as she stretches in the morning sun. “What do you want to do today?”

“Want? I do not understand.”

“Is there something you’d enjoy, something you like?”

“I like—” Jenna’s face twitches unnaturally, her chin snapping to the right. Her eyelids flutter. “Error. Error. Error—”

“Urgh, again?” I reach around her head and tap the button at the nape of her neck. Her eyelids close, I check my watch as she reboots.

Jenna turns to me and smiles. “Good morning, handsome.”

Ria Rees writes dark sci-fi and horror in her cosy Welsh cottage, praying her creations will never become sentient. www.riarees.com

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