Driverless by Scott O’Neill

I kick the car window. It only cracks.

“Vehicle damage detected. Amalgamated Driverless Incorporated will charge repairs to your card on file. ADI. We care to get you there.”

“Whatever. Bill me. Just let me out.”

“Vehicle egress on highways is prohibited. ADI. We care to get you there.”

Three cars ahead on the oceanfront causeway, the gigantic kaiju rips open an SUV like a toddler opening a snack pack.

“Oh! Wait! I need some air. Open the sunroof?”

It whirrs open. 

I clamber out and flee.

“Illegal egress detected. Alerting law enforcement. ADI. We care to get you there.”

Scott O’Neill lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. He writes reports and memorandums by day, and speculative fiction by night. He can be found on Twitter at @wererooster.

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