Regarding the Unfortunate Errors in My Previous Dictated Email by Mark Vandersluis


It has been brought to my attention that there were several minor but unfortunate errors in my previous dictated email, causing mass panic across Earth. Fortunately the mistakes caused only 120 million or so human casualties.

You will be happy to learn that as my ex-secretary was dragged away screaming, they agreed with Me that they wished to offer their profound apologies, which I graciously accepted once they had been destroyed.

The following correction is necessary to my last email:-

Amend “You will not be saved” to “You will now be slaves”


Your new Overlord and Supreme Ruler

Mark Vandersluis works in England as an IT Manager, and has a lifelong interest in all things Science and Technology, Fiction and Fact. He has previously published stories in Nature Futures and Diabolical Plots. Mark blogs occasionally at and you can follow him on Twitter at @markvsf .

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