A Day at the Zoo by Jordan Chase-Young

“Don’t remove it while synced, or your mind’ll get trapped with the animal’s. Permanently.”

“Understood.” Angelo took the helmet from the zookeeper.

Donning it, he went from watching penguins through glass to padding around in their skin, diving into frigid water.

He tried elephants next, then pythons, hyenas. It was the best thing ever. Being a real monkey was infinitely more fun than being a code monkey.

He tried them all until he knew what he wanted.

Giraffes were graceful, and had the biggest exhibit.

After he took off the helmet, he watched his old shell crumple through towering eyes.

Jordan Chase-Young is an American-Australian SF writer. His stories have recently appeared in a variety of publications, including MetaphorosisUnidentified Funny Objects 8, and the Zombies Need Brains anthology When Worlds Collide. Twitter: @jachaseyoung Blog: ebookofthenewsun.com

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