New Fashion by Ai Jiang

When we landed on earth, the humans didn’t fight us. Not yet. 

We were a trusting species. We shook their hands, thirteen fingers to five, gurgled our language while they smiled. Our travels through met with their smiles before their guns penetrated our malleable bodies. 

We didn’t fight back.

The humans wore our skin and called it fashion, they laid our organ-less bodies out as rugs, and hung our heads like their animals. What they didn’t know was our brains couldn’t die. 

We watched them from their walls, waiting until they were most vulnerable. Then they’ll become our fashion, too.

Ai Jiang is a Chinese-Canadian writer, an immigrant from Fujian, and an active member of HWA. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in F&SF, The Dark, Dark Matter, PseudoPod, Uncanny, among others. Find her on Twitter (@AiJiang_) and online (  

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