I Love Doughnuts (a Little Too Much) by Jane Brown

I paused at the ‘May cause death’ clause, then signed the waiver and paid. I couldn’t even zip up my favorite jeans. Time for drastic action.

The next sunrise, the group warmed up before super-perky Katerina led us through the wall.

‘What’s the first rule?’ 

‘Keep running!’ 

The rainforest outside was stunning but my body trembled as we jogged. I kept glancing behind. 

Another first-timer stopped to rest. I gasped as her brains spilled from the frenzied zombie attack. 

I pumped my jelly legs faster still. A few more ‘Extreme Jogging’ sessions and I’d definitely be back in those jeans.

Jane Brown is a web programmer and short fiction writer who lives by the beach in Australia. Her stories have been published in The Centropic OracleMetaStellar, and Etherea Magazine.

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