Seeds of Hope by Kai Delmas

The root-woven capsule tumbled and cracked. Ash’s stasis ended with the crash.

Tangled roots hung from the ceiling, sunshine spilling through gaps.

Ash’s bark shivered. Oxygen.

Their body creaked with disuse as they forced their way out, through roots and earth.

Everyway they looked, nothing but desert.

Ash thrust their limbs into the ground. Their roots dove deep, fighting through sand.

Water. None.

But beyond the horizon, who knew?

Seeds remained safe in Ash’s trunk. They would have to travel far but they wouldn’t give up.

They would find fresh water. A place for a new beginning of their kind.

Kai Delmas is a fantasy writer, who especially loves creating worlds and magic systems. When not writing or gaming he can be found reading through the slush pile for Apex Magazine.
Find him on Twitter @KaiDelmas.

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