Consequence by Dawn Vogel

Allie felt dark energies seeping through her skin, coiling around her bones, and settling in for an extended stay.

“I need another blocker,” she told the Professor.

“You’re on the highest dose.”

“You said highest safe dose before.”

“You’re willing to eschew safety?”

“I have no other choice.”

“What about a cure?”

Allie didn’t consider long. “What’s the catch?”

The Professor shrugged. “You won’t absorb anything, harmful or helpful.”

No relaxing baths, no lotion to soothe winter-cracked skin. Everything skimming across her like a skipped stone.

But no need to store and discharge the world’s woes?

“I’ll take that consequence.”

Dawn Vogel’s academic background is in history, so it’s not surprising much of her fiction is set in earlier times. Her steampunk series, Brass and Glass, is available from DefCon One Publishing. She lives in Seattle with her husband, author Jeremy Zimmerman, and their herd of cats. Visit her:

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