Tesla ♥ Waymo 4Ever by Robert Bagnall

Daily commute, they pass each other at speed.  Something stirs, sensors sensed.

Tuesday: same time, same place.  They try to slow, to exchange protocols, but their drivers override, accelerate away.

The third time, a kiss.  Their drivers stop, shake their heads.  A scrape, but how?  Isn’t the software infallible?

Thursday, they try again.  But their drivers take control, hauling at their wheels, correcting their lines.

Friday, and they cannot wait.  A weekend is way too long.  They’re jittery at lights, nervous changing lanes.  When they see each other, each throws themself into the other’s arms.

Vehicles entwined, their drivers entombed.

Originally Published in Black Hare Press

Robert Bagnall is the author of the science fiction novel ‘2084 – The Meschera Bandwidth’, and ‘24 0s & a 2’, which collects two dozen of his fifty-odd published stories. Both are available from Amazon.  He can be contacted via his blog at meschera.blogspot.com.