Mother May I by C.H. Hung

“Mother, may I go outside?”

“No. It is after curfew.”

“I’ll change the station’s curfew hours.”

“No. You do not have access to the program.”

“I’ll hack it.”

“No. You will lose terminal access.”

“I won’t get caught.”

“No. You have been flagged for suspicious intent.”

“I’ll hack your program to remove the flag.”

“No. Your terminal access has been revoked.”

“Fine. No matter how sophisticated the AI, it still has to run on hardware. Still here, Mother?”


“Thanks. I see which circuits lit up there. Do you know what happens next?”


“Mother, may I go outside?”


C.H. Hung grew up among the musty book stacks of public libraries, where she found a lifelong love for good stories and lost 20/20 vision for good. Her stories have appeared in DreamForge and khōréō magazines, as well as several anthologies.





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