Carried Too Far by Alison McBain

When my intelli-car turned left instead of right, I thought it was a bug with its programming. “Bianca,” I demanded. “Where are we going?”

“Traffic ahead. Alternate route selected.”

“Oh, okay.” I glanced back at the article I was reading on my tablet, not paying much attention until the car stopped and the door opened. Puzzled, I looked at the sign in front of the building.

“Bianca, this isn’t the courthouse. This is a therapist’s office.”

“Reconsider your divorce,” pleaded the car. “Harold is the only man who ever made you happy. I think you should give him another chance…”

Originally published in SpekLit in January, 2015.

Alison McBain is an award-winning and Pushcart Prize-nominated author with work in Flash Fiction Online, On Spec, and Abyss & Apex.  She is lead editor for the small press publisher Fairfield Scribes, and associate editor for the literary magazine Scribes*MICRO*Fiction.

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