Cliques by Gracie Beaver-Kairis

It’s ironic that I was an outcast for loving outer space stuff, but now that the aliens are in school with us, the popular kids love them. 

The aliens adopted human names because they said if we tried to pronounce their actual names, our brains would rupture. “Alexa” asked me to prom, the glow of her tentacles giving off an aura of kindness and authenticity. I said yes. But then all of them erupted in fits of eerie laughter, their hive minds connecting. She shoved me in a locker and melted the lock with her laser eyeball. 

High school sucks. 

Gracie Beaver-Kairis (she/her) is a Pacific Northwest-based writer of humor and fiction. Her humor writing has been featured in McSweeneys, Slackjaw, and other outlets, while her short fiction has been featured in the anthology What I Thought of Ain’t Funny and other places.

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