Personality Profile by Zack Lux

Lena’s heart fluttered as her new driverless sedan whisked her along a curvy coastal highway. Sunlight warmed the leather interior, while ocean air filled the vents.

She still didn’t understand why Ampere Motors had given her the car.

“Your brother donated his personality profile to our database before he… passed,” Ampere’s sales manager had said with somber eyes before handing her the key fob. “He wanted you to have this, paid in full.”

But she never had a brother.

When the car abruptly left the highway and gunned toward a familiar cliff–where her ex had plunged, without skid marks–she understood.

Zack Lux lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he isn’t writing stories, he enjoys exploring the many natural wonders of Northern California. Find him on Twitter at @ZackLuxSF.

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