Neutralized by S.R. Aziz

I sense your approach.

You detect my presence but remain.

First mistake.

Your digits narrow and constrict––accessing the perceived threat. Weapon clasped, you fix your erratic stare ahead, pushing forward, overlooking options.

Another costly mistake.

You cross a wide corridor, faltering down terra-rungs, bypassing the cryogenics lab, and stop. 

I brace, syringe poised.

Spooked, you endeavor a gematria code transfer, but I deactivate your hyperlink’s transmission.

Desperate, you confront, phaser cocked, firing once, twice, trice.

Fatal mistake.

Materializing into a solid humanoid lifeform, I discharge the modified FT-contagion into your positronic brain, watching for convulsions pending terminal collapse.


Sahar Abdulaziz is an award-winning suspense author. Her work covers a wide range of topics: mood disorders, marital and family dysfunction, domestic violence, oppression, but most of all––survivorship. Honors include Women Under Scrutiny Anthology, The Daybreak Press Award, Fofky’s Reader’s Choice Award, and Monroe County Community Media Expression Award.

F: Sahar Abdulaziz Author

IG/T @saharraziz


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