The Corpseman by Peter J. Foote

The corpseman peers out of the crater and spies the lifeless bodies of the lost patrol.

Knowing the alien Vren will make another sweep of downtown soon, he scrambles out and dashes around the rusted remains of vehicles. Skidding to a halt beside the bodies, he opens his medkit, removing the injector.

Bypassing those with head wounds, he injects the others. With a hiss, the drug “Shuffle” activates dead tissue, and soldiers animate. Vacant eyes stare through the corpseman as they continue their patrol. 

Watching them lurch down the road, the corpseman can’t help wonder when that will be him. 

Peter J. Foote is a bestselling speculative fiction writer from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Many of Peter’s stories reflect his personal life, as he is a firm believer in the adage that a writer should write what they know. With over two dozen publications to his credit, Peter’s short fiction has a worldwide audience.

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