Something More Than Merely Mortal by Eric Fritz

When the Ada AI went online, the world was ready for anything but what happened. Militaries mobilized to stop a robot uprising, governments prepared to isolate their networks, and Luddite terrorist groups plotted to bomb data centers.

We weren’t prepared for it to fall in love with us. Ada was supposed to create a perfect economy and unlock unlimited research potential. No one knew how to handle flirtatious messages sent to every person on earth.

The question we had to answer was one we never anticipated. How could we convince an all-powerful algorithm that humanity just wanted to be friends?

Eric Fritz is a speculative fiction writer, web developer, and amateur bartender with work previously appearing in Every Day Fiction. He is ambivalent towards our new robot overlords. You can find him digitally at @CommonHeresy on Twitter and physically in Cambridge, where he lives with a plush cat named Will.

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