What If? by Nemma Wollenfang

What if we no longer remembered where we grew up? Our first school? First kiss? That college road-trip? Places we’d worked? That cruise to… erm… 

What if it spread amongst us? Like a sickness? Stealing all that we are? 

What if it got progressively worse? 

Last month? Last week? Yesterday

No? Nothing?! Not even a spark?

What if the world fell apart? With humanity pushed right to the brink?

What if someone discovered a cure?! A way to save us all? And what if this saviour failed to write it down fast enough… that thing that they… found… 

What if?  

Nemma Wollenfang’s work has appeared in several venues, including: Beyond the Stars, Abyss & Apex, Cossmass Infinities, and Flame Tree’s Gothic Fantasy series. She is a recipient of the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Working Class Writers Grant and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and at her website: www.nemmawollenfang.co.uk

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