I’m No Superhero by Steve Zisson

Adversary-09 is reloading their blaster. It’s my only chance. 

My training from long ago kicks in. Before I know it, I tackle him. The blaster skitters across the subway stop floor. 

Adversary-09 pulls out a blade, slicing my forearm. The blade flies into the air. 

Bystanders jump in, helping me tie him up.

They call me a superhero, especially the TV reporter who appears out of nowhere like Adversary-09 did.

“I’m no superhero. I just reacted,” I say.

“You are,” says the reporter, pressing the mic closer.

“I was. Make the story whatever you want,” I say and walk away.

Steve Zisson is a biotech journalist whose speculative fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Nature’s Future, Brain Games, Selene Quarterly, among other places. He edited a science fiction and fantasy anthology, A Punk Rock Future. He lives north of Boston. Twitter: @stevezisson @APunkRockFuture

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