The Reluctant Time Traveler Wears Two Watches by Wendy Nikel

Each of Sophia’s husbands, prior to their respective passing, attempted to anchor her to their present with a timepiece. Antoine’s dangles from a bracelet set with diamonds and his family’s royal crest. Trent’s is from Bass Pro Shop.

Monday, she presides over a jousting tournament.

Tuesday, she swims at the YMCA.

Wednesday, the peasants storm the stronghold.

Thursday, she stares down the HOA.

Friday, she sobs in the throne room at the death and pain that surrounds her.

Saturday, she screams at the neighbors for their nosy, self-righteous attitudes.

Sunday, she removes both watches and lets Time sweep her away.

Wendy Nikel’s short fiction has been published by Analog, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Nature, and elsewhere. Her time travel novella series, beginning with The Continuum, is available from World Weaver Press. For more info, visit

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