What We Salvaged After The Famitrons Destroyed Our Home by Kurt Pankau

One family portrait, scored with laser blasts.

Three plastic plates.

DVDs, but nothing to play them on. No matter, the Famitrons killed the grid anyway.

That box of phone chargers.

$13.75 in loose change.

An early concept diagram you did for the Famitron interface.

Paula’s stuffed bear-bear.

Flopsy’s food bowl.

Thank you notes from early adopters. Bet they regret that now.

Edie’s tap shoes.

My old iPod.

An issue of Time where you talked about how this new advancement in AI would change the world. You were right.

Your mother’s cast iron skillet.

Your wedding band.

But not you.

Kurt Pankau lives in St. Louis and writes silly stories about robots. His fiction has appeared in Escape Pod, Daily Science Fiction, and Nature Futures. He has a weakness for dad-jokes, board games, and stories about time travel. He tweets at @kurtpankau and blogs at kurtpankau.com.

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