Todd by Jason P. Burnham

I’m the last human on Earth, but I’m not sure where everyone’s gone.

After awakening from my dissociative fugue, I found that the citizens of downtown Miami were kind enough to post signs before they disappeared.

But “Goodbye Earth,” and “Humanity has left the planet” don’t tell me where they went or what to do next.

I walk to the grocery store nearest my apartment—dissociative fugues make me hungry. I look up to see a message on the billboard above my building.

“Good luck without us Todd!”

Wait—did they just leave me here?

“Smell ya later, Todd!” 


Jason P. Burnham is an infectious diseases physician and clinical researcher. He loves many things, among them sci-fi, his wife and sons, metal music, Rancho Gordo beans, and equality (not necessarily in that order).

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