Memory Rain by Phoenix Alexander

No-one could predict a memory rainfall. 

Water pearled up from the ground, defying gravity, to perforate the air.

Her husband had gone out one night and drunk the upward-moving water. After resuscitation he spoke Greek, called himself Androulla. A few days later he left. 

She spent endless nights online, sifting through theories.

Memory rain held psychic residues of the dead. 

Memory rain caused hormonal imbalances. 

Memory rain contained hallucinogens.  

One night, broken, she too drunk of memory rain. 

Nothing happened.

Afterwards, sodden, she realized that she was in fact happy as she was—and that Androulla, now, was happy, too.

Phoenix Alexander has had work published in ‘Black Static,’ ‘Beneath Ceaseless Skies’, ‘The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction,’ and ‘Metaphorosis,’ among others. More information and links to all of Phoenix’s works can be found on You can follow Phoenix on Twitter @dracopoullos. 

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