Cake by Jon Hansen

“The rescued humans request cake.”

“Cake?  Define.”

“Baked dessert.  Baseline parts: flour, eggs, sugar, butter.  Compiling directions.”

“Why cake?”

“Human cultural reference: if something is cake, it is good.”

“They have not enjoyed previous feedings?”

“Meal #2991-BE72 killed too many of them.”

“It killed only one of them.”

“That was too many.  Fortunately, baking relies on precise measurements of components and processes for success.  We excel at that.”

“They are as fragile as their starship was.”


“Warning: butter not found.”

“Referencing… Oils may substitute.”  

“Using synthetic low viscosity from our supplies.”

“Understood.  95% confidence this cake will prove unforgettable.”

Jon Hansen is a writer, former librarian, and occasional blood donor. He currently lives in the Boston area with his wife, son, and three insistent cats. He is currently working on a novel, when not spending too much time on Twitter.

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