The Husband by Lettie Prell

–Good morning. What can I do for you?

–Doctor, it’s my husband here. He’s not himself.

–When did he die?

–Last year.

–My condolences.

–We were getting along so well at first. I felt it was really him.

–I see by his chart he tested satisfactory. Let’s activate him and have a look-see.


–Sir? How do you feel?

–I am complete neither male nor female nor young nor old nor…


–I see the problem. We’ll do an erase and restore from back-up.

<sigh of relief> Thank you.

Lettie Prell’s science fiction stories have appeared in WIREDTor.comClarkesworld, Analog, and Apex Magazine, reprinted in a number of anthologies including The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, and translated into several languages. She is a life-long Midwesterner, and currently lives in Des Moines.

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