Real Connection by D.A. Xiaolin Spires

We went on several dates. We talked a lot, but I wasn’t sure. There was something different about him.

We were kissing one night, when his hair came off. It surprised me. Not his baldness, but because underneath, it was all metal.

A bot?

He stuttered for minutes. I short-circuited something.

For weeks, I didn’t hear from him.

I missed him. He talked about what life meant with me, trying to connect. After all the failed dates, I felt a real bond.

My ::SmartLink:: must’ve felt my intention. It called him. His monotone voice said my name. 

My heart sang.

D.A. Xiaolin Spires counts stars and sand, residing currently in Hawaiʻi. You can find her embarking on olfactorial odysseys as she inhales plumeria blossoms, poke and poi.

Her work appears or is forthcoming in various publications such as ClarkesworldAnalogTerraformNature: Futures, Fireside, Grievous AngelReckoningGalaxy’s EdgeLONTARAndromeda Spaceways (selected for the Year’s Best issue), Mithila ReviewIssues in Earth Science, Factor Four, Star*lineLiminalityEye to the TelescopeAtlas PoeticaOutlook SpringsGathering Storm Magazine, Polu Texni and Story Seed Vault; as well as anthologies of the strange and delightful, such as Sharp & Sugar ToothBroad KnowledgeFuture Visions, Battling in All Her Finery and Ride the Star Wind. You can find her on her website or on Twitter: @spireswriter.

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