Horizon Event by Rich Larson

The stars start to flicker and warp as our therapy pod approaches its destination.

“It really helped the Rexroat-Ndirangu-Carrows,” I say, through the mouth of my quantum-linked clone. “They’ve never been happier together.”

“Put everything in perspective.” Sienna’s vatgrown face is unreadable as their real one. “I heard.”

“We used to say it, right?” My clone’s throat is somehow too small, or maybe the gravity is already crushing it shut. “That we wanted to get old and die together?”

Sienna’s clone doesn’t answer. The therapy pod shudders, stretches, shields strained to breaking.

We fall together into the supermassive black hole.

Rich Larson (ANNEX, TOMORROW FACTORY) is a Canadian author born in Galmi, Niger. His work has been translated into over a dozen languages, among them Polish, French, Romanian and Japanese, and his story “Ice” was recently adapted for LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS. Find him at patreon.com/richlarson.

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