The Wanted by Tianna Grosch

The hoverboard vibrated beneath the soles of his feet as he zoomed fifty feet above ground, a red bandana covering his nose and mouth, marking him. He swerved, trying to shake the botcops but they followed with ease.

“Target locked,” he heard behind him. The world turned into a ball of blinding light, flames licking his skin, the acrid smell of burnt hair choking his nose.

He plummeted. A streaking flash of red dotted his vision before he collided with another swooping, hoverboard-diving rebel.

“Hang tight,” his savior yelled – a woman.

His heart lurched as she swept him to safety.

Tianna Grosch has been writing her entire life and received her MFA at Arcadia University last year. She is working on a debut novel about women who survive trauma as well as a memoir. Her work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Ellipsis Zine, Crack the Spine, Burning House Press, Who Writes Short Shorts, New Pop Lit, Blanket Sea Magazine, Echo Lit Mag and Nabu Review (both lit mags of Paragon Press), among others. In her free time, she gardens on her family farm and dreams up dark fiction. Follow her on Twitter @tianng92 or check out her writing on

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