Catching Snowflakes by Gregory L. Norris

“No two are the same,” said the girl, one of three children playing in the backyard as the first snowflakes of the young winter floated down from a sky filled with gauzy gray clouds.

Giggling, she and her two friends extended their tongues to catch the December snowflakes. Inside the house, cocoa and oatmeal cookies waited, but none of those treats compared. The children ran about, catching snowflakes on their tongues.

Later that night as the storm raged, the microscopic alien eggs that had drifted down from the troposphere, now attached to the soft linings of stomachs, began to hatch.

Bio: I am a full-time professional writer, with work appearing in numerous short story anthologies, national magazines, novels, the occasional TV episode, and, so far, one produced feature film (Brutal Colors, which debuted on Amazon Prime January 2016). A former feature writer and columnist at Sci Fi, the official magazine of the Sci Fi Channel (before all those ridiculous Ys invaded), I once worked as a screenwriter on two episodes of Paramount’s modern classic, Star Trek: Voyager. Two of my paranormal novels (written under my rom-de-plume, Jo Atkinson) were published by Home Shopping Network as part of their “Escape With Romance” line — the first time HSN has offered novels to their global customer base. I judged the 2012 Lambda Awards in the SF/F/H category. Three times now, my stories have notched Honorable Mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Best-of books. In May 2016, I traveled to Hollywood to accept HM in the Roswell Awards in Short SF Writing. My story “Drowning” appears in the Italian anthology THE BEAUTY OF DEATH 2, alongside tales by none other than Peter Straub and Clive Barker, and I recently enjoyed the publication of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW: INTO INFINITY, the novelization I was hired to pen based upon the classic Gerry Anderson made-for-TV movie — which I watched and loved as an eleven-year-old way back in 1976.

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